Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.9.7 (Released: 2013-11-12)

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  • Added /waitifrunning option to CALL and CHAIN commands and -r command line switch to prevent simultaneous execution of single script
  • Pruned extraneous server file attributes checking (performance improvement)
  • Added /skip_changing and /skip_changing_seconds to GETFILE, GETNEXTFILE, FTPGETFILE and GETSITEFILE commands
  • Added /skip_changing and /skip_changing_seconds to RCVFILE, SENDFILE and SYNC commands
  • Automatic log pruning for the Debug Log file(s)
  • List of loaded PGP Key IDs written to Debug Log when the Extra Debug Data box is selected in Configurator
  • Fingerprints of PGP sub keys now displayed in Configurator
  • Key ID of required decryption key written to Debug Log when Extra data selected

Bug Fixes

  • Details and View buttons in applet did not work for remote files