Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.9.2 (Released: 2013-07-10)

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  • Improvements to debug logging.
  • PGPDECRYPT and PGPENCRYPT now return useful error when source and target reference the same file.
  • READFILE now supports /termchr=any allowing the use of files with any of Mac, Windows, or Unix line endings.

Bug Fixes

  • Could not select values from columns one character in size (varchar(1) or char(1)) from ODBC data source
  • FTPDIFF and FTPGETDIFF could fail to return differences.
  • Running hundreds or thousands of insert statements could eventually result in "Memory allocation failure"
  • FTPDIFF could report old files in subdirectories as new.
  • DIFF or FTPDIFF of large filesystem leaves robo-ftp unresponsive until it completes.
  • Comment characters directly after closing quotes are now correctly detected as the beginning of a comment.
  • Protocol mismatch error when connecting to some SFTP servers.
  • Error when activating cloned images.
  • Possible to run script twice by using UI to select script for execution too soon after start.
  • PGPDECRYPT leaves a pair of zero length files in temp folder.