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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.9.0 (Released: 2013-03-20)

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  • SETEVENT command can be used to signal a named win32 event
  • SETREPLACE command can replace substrings in one string with another string
  • DIFF and FTPDIFF now support the /timeout= option to wait for new or changed files
  • GETDIFF and FTPGETDIFF now support the /commitlast option to commit the previous difference
  • Added support for APACHE web server default directory listings
  • Added new /cipher option for the PGPENCRYPT command
  • Added support for *.txt|*.zip style wildcard specifications to select multiple match patterns
  • Added %programdatadir system variable to provide path to writable data directory
  • FTPLOGON returns meaningful error messages on failure
  • SENDFILE or RCVFILE with /subdirs accepts a directory name as the argument
  • MOVE now supports moving directories
  • COPY now supports the /copydirs option
  • MAKEDIR now creates paths recursively
  • WORKINGDIR now supports the /create option to make it try to create the directory if it doesn't exist
  • Added "Test Connection" button in the Configurator Managed Site dialog
  • DIFF and FTPDIFF now support the /append option to add new diffs found to the current list of differences
  • DIFF and FTPDIFF improved performance with large file sets
  • Added password protection for settings files; EXPORT and IMPORT now support the /pw option
  • FTPLIST returns meaningful error messages on failure
  • Add LOWER and UPPER commands
  • UNZIP /flat will unzip the contents of a zip file ingoring any path information stored within.
  • Debug messages removed from Trace Log
  • Dashboard status icons now have different shapes for increased legibility
  • Debug logging now supports extra debug information on request
  • Added new /cc and /bcc options to SENDMAIL command
  • DBUSE now supports /sqlce as a db type as well as /type=[sqlite|sqlce|odbc] sqlite is default
  • Licensing actions and errors are now written to the Debug Log
  • Logging line timestamps enhanced with timezone offset

Bug Fixes

  • Diff database could be altered by failed DIFF or FTPDIFF command
  • Memory leak on error in several commands
  • WORKINGDIR could report success on permission denied
  • Setting remote file time was not done correctly
  • %lasterrormsg could be set to an incorrect value after an FTPLOGON failure
  • Progress dialogs could get out of sync with robo-ftp commands
  • SSL ceritificate can't be deleted after viewing
  • Deleting SSL certificates did not ask for confirmation
  • HTTP MOVE could fail on some servers
  • Unhandled exception when admin user can't signal Debug Logging
  • Upgrade to new release of same major version no longer asks if you want a custom or complete install. It just upgrades whatever is installed
  • Configurator could configure current user when you intended to configure system wide settings
  • Importing an SSH key with the wrong passphrase just silently failed. No error was generated
  • Settings importer crash at end of import when importing as administrator
  • Scheduler creates full path to My Documents folder in case it doesn't already exist
  • SET command did not validate input variable names correctly
  • Incorrect file timestamps on HTTP connection re: daylight saving time conversion
  • LISTDIR command returns before output file is ready
  • SENDFILE /localdate stamps remote file without GST offset
  • Robo-FTP could hang in FTPLOGON if the site hostname did not resolve
  • FTPMAKDIR didn't work with paths ending in / on HTTP(S) Connections
  • DBGETRESULTS returning last rows value for column with NULL value on this row
  • LOOPIF could alter %lasterror
  • GETSITEFILE could erroneously report file not found on HTTP with wildcards
  • HTTP Internal file size checks got incorrect file size. Affected transactions and /iflarger
  • Settings import could result in misreporting an eval license as an activated license
  • Configurator crashes when user enters invalid max transfer rate
  • Expired eval extension causes license activation problem
  • LOOPIF was resetting LOOPCOUNT when no error found
  • CRON command locked the crontab.txt
  • CRON command broken by % signs in %nextcmd
  • CRON could skip runs between midnight and 1 AM on the day after a DST spring forward
  • INSERT statement destroys ODBC SQL result set
  • Removing *EVAL* extension reported invalid serial number
  • /timeout option could never timeout under rare circumstances

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