Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v1.0.0.24 (Released: 2001-01-30)

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  • Add PLAYSOUND and LISTDIR script commands.
  • Document recognition of \n and \r sequences in MESSAGEBOX script command.
  • Add /nocrlf option to MESSAGEBOX script command to ignore embedded \n and \r carriage control characters.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix radio buttons on the "Step 5: Disconnect" screen of the Script File Wizard.
  • Make sure that ".s" file name extension is part of script files created by the Script File Wizard.
  • Fix GETNEXTFILE and GETSERVERFILE script commands so main window is properly updated and prevents "Robo-FTP not responding" status in Task Manager for the during of these commands.
  • Fix DELETE script command under circumstances where the file to be deleted was used in a previous COPY script command.