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Script Library

Sample scripts are provided as-is with no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. These scripts are solely intended to demonstrate techniques for accomplishing common tasks. Additional script logic and error-handling may need to be added to achieve the desired results in your specific environment.

ScriptDescriptionLast Updated
virus_scan.s Robo-FTP and Robo-FTP Server can easily be configured to automatically scan files for viruses 2011-08-19
launch_vbscript.s Execute a VBScript file from a Robo-FTP script 2011-08-03
build_file_name.s Build a file name based on the current date and time 2010-05-11
http_post_file.s Use the HTTPPOST command to automate uploading to a web form (v3.6) 2010-01-27
http_post_file2.s Use the HTTPPOST command to automate uploading to a web form (v3.7) 2010-01-27
download_lockbox_https.s Download Lockbox files from Wells Fargo over HTTPS 2009-07-16
auto_update.s Script automatically checks server to see if there is a newer version of the script before running 2009-05-01
Rcvfile_and_add_extension.s Download and rename a file at the same time by adding an extension of ".txt" to the file name. 2008-01-08
verify_uploads.s Store a directory listing from the server after performing an upload so you have a receipt 2007-12-17
update_web_site.s Update a web site 2007-11-02

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